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Formal information about examinations at the Chair of TET

(Please note: We do our best in order to keep these references up to date and correct. Please take into attention the binding rules and also appropriate rules published by student service center)

Written exams in the modules "Electromagnetic Fields" (TET I) and "Applied Field Theory" (TET II)

There are two dates in the semester break after each course as a rule and (if necessary) repetition exam.

The exam at the second session can only be written as a repetition exam.

(Exceptions due to important reasons may be applied, please report to the Secretariat before the exam registration)

The next written exam after the repetition date will be offered again in the following year.

Please note: for repletion of the exams, registration is always necessary. You are not automatically signed up for it.

The current examination dates can be found here

Registration TET I:

Regular cases "(BSc students of electrical engineering and computer science of the Technical Informatics): Online registration via the TU-Portal

Students from other degree programs: Please ask responsible for you team of student service.

Students with TET II as a prescript (Auflage) for MSc program: registration at the secretariat of the department; you will need the form with the necessary level requirements.

It is recommended that you put this prescript (Auflage) before an exam in TET II.

Registration TET II:

"Regular" cases (MSc students Electrical Engineering): Registration online via the TU-Portal

Students from other degree programs: Please ask responsible for you team of student service.

TET II as  "Zusatzmodul", (BSc students). At first registration in Student Service Center, the form has to be signed by the he Head of the Department (Fachgebietsleiter), afterwards again to Student Service Center. Finally submit the yellow paper to the Secretariat.

Special Cases:

PhD with TET and TET II as prescript (Auflage): please contact the Head of the Department. Generally, it will be agreed on an oral exam.

Exchange Students (Erasmus and others): regular participation in the exams. The registration formalities are to be cleared on time.

In justified individual cases, alternative arrangements with the head of the department may be agreed.

Exams procedure

The duration of the exam is 150 minutes.

No aids allowed, the paper will be handed out.

Bonus System from homework is according to announcement in the lectures. The bonus points are valid only for the following exams period.

Results are exclusively to be made by announcements. Completion of the correction will be announced on the Homepage of the department.

Oral exams in "Electromagnetic Fields" (TET I) and "Applied Field Theory" (TET II)

only as a "third attempt" after twice failing the exam.

Preliminary discussion and appointment directly with the head of the department, then registration is to be done in the student service.

Procedure: Oral exam (round 30 minutes)

It is recommended in any case to attend office hours before the exam.

You have to register for an exam and take and give the yellow paper for an exam. Apart from the students who need TET I as a prescript (Auflage).

Oral exams in all other subjects

According to announcement during the lecture

Appointment directly with the examiner, following registration in the Students Service

Procedure: Oral examination (30 minutes) or "oral consultation" (usually shorter)

Recognition of credits from courses of study outside the TU Berlin

Such recognitions are taking place in a short discussion with the Head of the department.

For this purpose, you should bring as many documents as possible concerning related study course and explain the situation briefly. The talk is not an exam, it is used to check whether a content and a level of the study course meets the requirements for recognition. Please make an appointment in advance.

Formal precondition is that an acknowledging course has a sufficient number of credit points (credit points, ECTS).

Courses from bachelor's degree programs are not recognized as equivalent to MSc courses TET II.





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